Through the Envelope of Awesome we aim to cultivate Creativity, Positive Thinking, Independence and to help your child become the best they can be through the power of illustration, humour and fun.


Our Mission

Imagine being a kid growing up in the age of the Internet, Netflix and iPads... overwhelmed with constant commercial content.

Now imagine receiving a REAL-LIFE letter in the mail just for you. Every month we are recreating the thrill of receiving a letter from Hogwarts or Santa Claus! 

Hello!  My name is Simon and I'm the cartoonist / illustrator behind the envelope of awesome. I've been professionally teaching Cartooning, Creative Thinking and Animation for over 10 years and I've seen how good a personalised letter can be for a child. 

I want to boost self esteem and creativity in children because I know what it was like growing up, not liking football and other sports, but loving to draw and create!

I'm so excited to share the magic that Cartooning, Illustration and fun can bring to a person's life!

Let's work together to give your child a gift that will inspire the next generation to be the best they can be, and have fun along the way!


You're just minutes away from filling up your mailbox with 450% awesome!


The Envelope of Awesome is the most perfect gift to give my grandkids! I’m so happy to have found such a unique and creative gift.
— Therese Gold, Happy Grandma

What We provide

Each Envelope is carefully designed to provide the perfect combination of education and fun. Here are some things you can expect from your monthly EofA.

  • Original hand drawn cartoons from a professional artist/animator
  • Each envelope is reviewed and approved by a experienced Primary School Educator.
  • Uniquely Designed and presented by a trained Graphic Designer
  • Content that is inspired by children's love to learn, create and explore
  • Promote a feeling of self worth and positive self esteem
  • A new and exciting Theme each month exploring a range of topics from Space to Mythical creatures
  • Encouraging children to "Give it a go" and not to let fear hold them back 
  • Lots of fun and laughter