Frequently asked Questions

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When's my first envelope coming?

We send out the first introduction envelope within a few days of when you subscibe. 

What do you get in each Envelope?

Each Awesome Envelope is based around a specific theme and will include, a letter personally addressed to the subscriber (you or your child). It will also have a variety of other Awesome Treasures including... How to Draw, Stickers, Jokes, Collectable Character Cards, Unique Button/Badge, Puzzles, Fun Facts and much more. All designed to encourage Creativity, Cartooning and Positive Thinking.

Your Introductory Envelope will also include a personally hand-illustrated (by Simon) Sketchbook to use throughout your months of Awesomeness. This means you will be receiving an original hand-drawn artwork in your very first Envelope!

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How do I give the EofA as a gift?

When you sign up make sure to put the name and address of the person you want to gift it to in the To address and make the billing address yours.

How do I change my Address or change my billing information?

You can log into your PayWhirl Customer Portal and make any changes you need to! Just go to:

And log in using the account you created when you signed up! :D

How does the subscription work?

As soon as we receive the first payment on the 15th of the month the Introduction Envelope is posted to you. From then on your account will be billed every month on the 15th of the month, and we will send out each Envelope on the first of each month. Your subscription can be cancelled at any time through the PayWhirl Customer Portal.

What ages are Envelope of Awesome good for?

The EofA is aimed at inspiring kids aged 6 to 14, but can be enjoyed by anyone of any age at all!

How much does it cost for Shipping?

Shipping is FREE within Australia and $4 everywhere else in the world. 

How do I cancel my account?

Your subscription can be cancelled at any time through the PayWhirl Customer Portal.

1: Go to Subscription (Menu at the top)

2: Click Cancel (Right at the end) 

Contact us if you have any troubles!