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Let the Excitement begin!!!

Your just one click away from giving one special person their very own personalized envelope full of creativity, cartooning and fun every month!  

Shipping is FREE within Australia and $4AUD everywhere else in the world. 

You can cancel your subscription at any time :)

What's inside?

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WHAT is awesome?

Each Envelope is carefully designed to provide the perfect combination of education and fun. Here are some things you can expect from your monthly EofA.

  • Original hand drawn cartoons from a professional artist/animator

  • Each envelope is reviewed and approved by a experienced Primary School Educator.

  • Uniquely Designed and presented by a trained Graphic Designer

  • Content that is inspired by children's love to learn, create and explore

  • Promote a feeling of self worth and positive self esteem

  • A new and exciting Theme each month exploring a range of topics from Space to Mythical creatures

  • Encouraging children to "Give it a go" and not to let fear hold them back

  • Lots of fun and laughter